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As updated 8/5/2021

This FinacreCapital Agreement includes terms and conditions of all of the Company’s services provisions in the sphere of the financial markets and financial tools either presenting or not presenting on the organized market. FinacreCapital Agreement is offered by FinacreCapital Markets Inc.; Registration No. 10357730. FinacreCapital activities are regulated by UK security and exchange commission(SEC) and UK financial conduct authority(FAC).

We are registered with office address:

Flat 317 4 Praed Street, London, England, W2 1JE The following agreements constitute an integral part of the FinacreCapital Agreement:

  • Customer Agreement
  • Partners Agreement
  • Investment and contract Agreement
  • Common Terms and Definitions
  • Any other applicable documents mentioned in these Agreements or in the section of «Information» on the Company’s Website and in Personal Area. This FinacreCapital Agreement should be carefully read by the Company’s Client as they regulate the conditions of the Client's investment with all the relationship between the Client and the Company in general. By providing data for registration on the website and creating a Personal Area on the Company’s website the Client confirms and guarantees the fact of having familiarized with all provisions of this FinacreCapital Agreement, understood their meaning and unconditionally accepted them, as well as any agreements, policies and documents of the Company that are referred to in the text hereof. Rules and principles of the Client’s personal data use and protection are regulated by the company’s privacy policy.

  • Customer Agreement

    1. Subject of the Agreement

    1.1. This Agreement sets forth the terms and conditions of the Company’s services provision. The Company provides the following services to the Customer: performing operations in financial markets, performing transactions with financial tools either presenting or not presenting on the organized market. This Agreement also sets forth the order of payments between the Parties, in connection with the aforementioned services provision. Accepting this Agreement the Client guarantees the following:

    1.1.1. In case the Client is a private person, he/she is a legal person of age. In case the Client is a legal entity, the entity is capable and no one except the Client has any rights of demand or obligation in respect to the transactions performed in the Client’s investment account.

    1.1.2. All the transactions on the Client’s trading account are performed in compliance with this Agreement

    1.1.3. In case of any change or modification of personal data or expiration of personal identification documents, the Client is obliged within 3 business days to inform the Company of such changes/expiration. The notification must be sent by email containing the Client’s first and last name, phone number, as well as Client’s valid passport or ID and recent proof of residential address. The notification must be signed, scanned and sent to [email protected] from the email the Client submitted during his/her account registration. The Company has the right to request other verification documents in order to verify the Client and comply with applicable know-your-client regulations. Any delay or failure to comply with this clause shall amount to breach of these Agreement by the Client and can lead to closure of the Client’s account(s). - In case the Client is a private person he submits the registration form personally. - If legal entity, the form is submitted by the person in charge.

    1.2. Client’s Representations.

    1.2.1. The Client represents and warrants that he/she is free to enter into this Agreement, to perform each of the terms and covenants contained herein and that he/she is not restricted or prohibited, contractually or otherwise, from entering into or performing under this Agreement and that his/her execution of and performance under this Agreement is not a violation or breach of any other agreement between the Company and any other person or entity.

    1.2.2. The Client understands and expressly agrees that the Company shall exercise its right to monitor activity of the Client and verify consistency of Client’s behavior and investment activities on the Company’s platform.

    1.2.3. The Client further represents that he/she has complete understanding and is agreeing with all terms and conditions of this Agreement.

    1.2.4. Translation of Documentation. A translation of any Company document into a language other than English is intended solely as a convenience to company’s clients. The English version of any Company document will take precedence over any translated version in any legal proceeding. The Client must provide the relevant documentation or information to substantiate the chargeback cycle or compliance case in the English language or with an accompanying translation in English. The Client accepts and understands that the official language of the Company is English.

    2. Company’s services

    2.1. The term “Company’s services” refers to any interactive services or software provided by the Company.

    2.1.1. Connect the Company or authorized third Party, receive information and/or quotes from the Company.

    2.1.2. Accepting this Agreement the Client confirms he/she has read the communication rules and agrees that he/she is only able to perform orders by means of trading terminal and the Company’s live chat only.

    2.3. Company's services include Stock trading and Metatrader forex/crypto trading technical analysis means and any third parties' services offered along with the Company's services.

    2.4. The Client confirms that the Company may modify, add, rename or leave unmodified the Company’s services offered in compliance with this Agreement without prior notification. The Client also confirms that the Agreement is applied to the services which may be modified, added or renamed in future in addition to the services provided by the Company at present.

    2.5. As far as trading operations are concerned the Company only provides execution and asset management or recommendations.

    2.6. The Company is not liable to (unless set forth in this Agreement):

    2.6.1. We reserve right to terminate accounts of any investor who calls out the company on any social media platform without resolving issues first with the management of FinacreCapital.

    2.6.2. We also reserve the right to terminate account of investors who attempt to manipulate or take advantage of system malfunction or loophole.

    2.6.3. The company reserve the right to transfer purchased stocks To its traditional coin(Roycoin) in the event of stock depreciation below 50% of market entry point/value.

    2.7. Company’s services do not include providing recommendations or information capable of engaging the Client to perform any transactions. In exceptional cases the Company reserves a right to provide information, recommendations or advice to the Client, however, in these cases the Company will not be responsible for any consequences of such recommendations and advices. Despite this,the Company reserves a right to close or decline any Client’s position, all the trading operations performed by the Client as a result of imprecise information and/or mistake still remain in force and are mandatory for both the Client and the Company.

    2.8. The Company is not a tax agent and acts under the legislation of the Belize. The Parties comply with their tax and/or any other obligations independently and on their own.

    2.9. The Company reserves a right to decline the Client and offer him/her to withdraw the deposit in case his/her activity or interaction with the Company is deemed inappropriate and/or incorrect.

    2.10. The company reserve the right to terminate any account caught in the act of deliberate attempting to take advantage of system malfunction or error.

    3. Orders and requests

    3.1. The complete official information regarding the current trading conditions is located at in “Trading Conditions” section. The Company reserves a right to change the trading conditions without a prior notice as change of conditions will only be needed in the event of emergency to avoid or limit losses.

    3.2. Client’s orders and requests

    3.2.1. During trading operations the following execution methods are applied:

    3.2.2. “Market execution” method – for Futures and Stock CFDs;

    3.2.3. On the event of premature account termination contrary to your contract plan, you will be taxed and service charged after earnings generated on capital investment have been deducted, ensure you are certain before buying into any stock.

    3.2.4. Any Client’s order given by means of Metatrader 4 trading terminal generally goes through the following steps:

  • a) The Client submits an electronic order; FinacreCapital Agreement.
  • 4.Communication between the Client and the Company.

    4.1. The Company uses the following communication means to contact the Client:

  • a) Internal emails of the trading platform at their sole discretion (From the Company to the Client);
  • b) Corporate chat, realized through a Personal Area;
  • c) Telephone;
  • d) Post;
  • e) Announcements in the related sections of the Company website;
  • f) Corporate chat;
  • g) To contact the Client the Company shall use the Client references, stated while opening the account or changed in accordance to the present Regulations.
  • 4.2. To be able to react promptly to the Client’s needs the Company sets priorities in answering Clients in the following way: communication means via which the Client can perform trades: online chat (from a Personal Area) are served first, then questions from the forum and email are processed.

    4.3. Correspondence (documentation, announcements, notifications, confirmations, reports, etc.) is considered to be accepted by the Client: a) An hour after sending it to their email; b) Immediately after sending it by internal email of the trading platform; c) Immediately after finishing a conversation by phone;

  • d) After 48 hours since sending it via post;
  • e) An hour after placing it at the Company website.
  • Deposit/withdrawal of funds

    5.0. TERMS OF FinacreCapital Brokers/investors

    5.1. All FinacreCapital Brokers representatives must own at least one social media handle before applying.

    5.1.2. All investments are locked in for the contract period assigned to such investment by the company you bought its shares.

    5.1.3. In the event of premature termination of contract the the company reserve the right to take back earnings plus service charge.

    5.2. Any report of misconduct or negligence from a customer within your market jurisdiction will attract withdrawal of all FinacreCapital Broker benefits.

    5.3. Before applying as FinacreCapital Broker you must have signed up minimum of 15 activate investors.

    5.4. To qualify as RC broker your referrals liquidity ration with us must be above $100,000.

    6.1. Funds deposit to the Client trading account

    6.1.1. A Client can deposit funds to his/her account by means of the methods and payment systems available in the Personal Area.

    6.1.2. If it is impossible to execute a deposit automatically, the request will be carried out by the Company’s financial department within 2 working days after it is created.

    6.2.0.Withdrawal of funds from the Client’s earnings

    6.2.1.The Client can withdraw funds from his/her account only to those payment systems which have been linked to his/her account during registration

    6.2.2. In the cases when deposit of the account was executed via various methods, withdrawal is executed via the same methods in the ratio according to the deposited sums.

    6.2.3. In exceptional cases (such as force majeure circumstances, termination of payment system operation, etc) the Company is entitled to decline a Client’s funds withdrawal in this payment system. Depending on circumstances such cases are considered case by case.

    6.2.4. According to the Company’s withdrawal policy, withdrawal requests are processed within 2 working days upon receipt of withdrawals request.

    6.2.5. The Company in its sole discretion can request information from the Client about his/her source of income and source of funds in order to verify legitimacy of Client’s deposits and withdrawals and in order to comply with applicable regulations.

    6.2.6. All ICO purchases are non refundable but transferable or exchangeable to our traditional coin(Roycoin)

    6.2.7. All accounts

    6.3.8. All deposit not claimed by client sending proof of deposit within 72 hours of deposit will not be attended to buy our support team.

    6.3.9.The company reserves a right to reconcile financial operations on client’s trading accounts and payment Systems in order to see genuineness and consistency of the Client’s trading activities on the Company’s platform.

    6.3.10. In case of discrepant transactions, the company may cancel any financial operations that are not found in the payment system’s records or were cancelled (chargeback).

    In this case, the company also reserves a right to cancel any trading operations made with the unconfirmed funds as well as call back any related payments for these operations, such as partner commission, auto-referral commission, promo and bonus lots, etc.

    6.2.9.All deposits must be paid directly into any of the company’s provided wallets.

    6.2.11.The Client can submit a request to refund in following cases:


    7.1. Your investment capital is kept on a cold stored to eliminate volatility and will have a limited access till a minimum period of 1year. In case of unforeseen circumstances an investor can request for investment capital with a 10% deposit of his/her total investment capital. Withdrawal of investment capital after 10% deposit will take one week from the day of the deposit to be processed.