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Estate Analysis and Succession Planning

  • Build a plan for your legacy goals and generational wealth.
  • Strategies to minimize taxes at estate and transfer your wealth and/or business to your beneficiaries.
  • Write or review your will.
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Retirement Income Analysis

  • Breakdown of your income sources that create your retirement pay cheque.
  • Tax efficient withdrawal sequencing.
  • Business income strategies.
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In-depth Tax Planning

  • For complex tax cases
  • Includes strategies for minimizing taxes personally and corporately now and in retirement.
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Self-Employed/Contractor Planning

  • Breakdown of your inflows and outflows of cash.
  • Business assessment – is incorporating right for you?
  • Self-employment tax strategies
  • Personal pension plans
  • Health and dental benefits
  • Personal disability, critical illness, and life insurance needs analysis
  • Investment education and contribution plan
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Business Owner Comprehensive Planning

  • Complete business financials review
  • Holdco and Opco strategies
  • Corporate investment and contribution strategies
  • In-depth corporate tax planning
  • Income planning: Salary vs Dividends
  • Net worth reports and 10 year projections
  • Group health, dental, and life insurance (including full set up for company and employees)
  • Corporately owned life insurance (individual, key-person, buy/sell)
  • Retirement and succession plan
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