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Initial Roadmap Consultation

  • This is your first consult to get a bird’s eye view of your finances.
  • Take away a customized plan to begin building wealth over the next 1-5-10 years.
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Income/Debt/Cash flow Management

  • USD
  • 1 hour consult
  • Assess your income sources and debts
  • Give recommendations on how to pay off debt efficiently while still reaching your investment goals
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Investment Analysis and Education

  • For the DIY investor
  • We will define your risk tolerance based on your goals and give you insights on your investment plan based on today’s markets
  • Think of this as a second opinion
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Net Worth Report and Projections

  • What will I have in 10 years?
  • Comprehensive report of all assets and liabilities – Personal and corporate
  • Net worth projections based on your contribution plan
  • Compare projections with different strategies and “what-if” scenarios
  • Includes insurance projections as an asset class
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Investment Goals and Contribution Plan

  • Review of your income, expenses, debts, and taxes
  • Define your goals and priorities
  • Create a contribution plan to meet your goals
  • Recommendations for registered investments vs non-registered
  • Personal pension planning for business owners
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Introductory Tax Session

  • Education on personal and corporate taxes
  • Tax strategies based on your goals and stage of life
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