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About Coincapitalfxt

The Coincapitalfxt Group, Inc. is a leading global financial institution that delivers a broad range of financial services across investment banking, securities, investment management and consumer banking to a large and diversified client base that includes corporations, financial institutions, governments and individuals. Founded in 2016, the firm is headquartered in United Kingdom.


Over time we’ve found out that people often lose money to so many platforms reason being that they either get scammed or lose out because they have little or no knowledge of the tricks behind the business they venture into, this is disheartening as we owe it to humanity to point people to the right direction where their investments will not only be secured but will be multiplying,it is in light of this that Coincapitalfxt was founded.


Our goal is not just to build an investment platform but a community of dedicated individuals who are determined to work together to attain financial freedom and extinguish financial liability within their family and friends,from the above you’ll see

Why you need Coincapitalfxt!

Coincapitalfxt is not just a platform but a family with core values and intentions of extending its relationship beyond United Kingdom and Europe to collectively build a network of financially stable friends and family across the globe. Note that one of the additional advantage of Coincapitalfxt is that you can use your Coincapitalfxt assets as a legal means of exchange which will be generally accepted by our community of investors/users. More so, it’ll interest you to know that we are rated 100% in excellence, we have direct affiliation with all shortlisted companies under our platform, our Guarantee Bond(GB) is the best security bond you can ever imagine, we offer the best trading conditions for every investor and we further maintain a high standard in securing trading environments. Every year we review and improve our conditions and standards, this is usually done to make trading with us more efficient and effective for every investor in the market. Further to this,we also help investors develop the required knowledge and skills they need to trade efficiently and responsibly. It might interest you to know that Coincapitalfxt is thoroughly automated and adaptable that even investors with oblivion experience will also gain. If you have been looking for an easy way to use this investment platform, engage in Roy token and achieve your desired investment dream. Our dedicated teams are highly qualified with the utmost trading skills and vast experience which are put together to serve you better. You should have no fear about cyber security when you invest with us,this is because are platform is secured by the best cloud server protection in the world, this provides us full security that is impenetrable by all forms of frauds. So what are you waiting for? I urge you to help expand this community as it has become paramount that you do so , we do not intend to be selfish with our knowledge hence we charge you to encourage your friends and family to join this community of investors as we can only achieve this future of a community of financially stable individuals together. Our customer support team is always ready and excited to assist you regarding any arising uncertainties via email and social media. Our aspiration is your prosperity! We will always work for the success of our investors home and abroad.