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This section comprises of crypto and Forex trading.
Services Offered


Designed to teach you everything required to become a self-sufficient trader in CRYPTO/FOREX, we cover everything from Psychology to Fundamental Analysis (Macroeconomic and Microeconomic), alongside the art of Technical Analysis. START TODAY !


The duration of the course is anywhere from 6.5-30 hours in length (including follow up sessions). However, we do not go by the hour, but rather the students understanding of the concepts therefore removing the time pressure. Our students have the option of in-person trainings or online through Skype/Zoom. All online lectures are video recorded and sent to the student for later use. 17 modules- Starting from history, charting software, styles of trading, followed by fundamental analysis, to then minimizing risk exposure. Finishing with Advanced Technical analysis we then combine all they key concepts together producing a working trading system.

Membership Fee Price: 10000 USD (Lifetime Fee):

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Lifetime Support

We believe that learning is an ongoing processes, thus once the student completes their education, they have 24-7 support and access to us. Every student gets enrolled into a Support Channel on Telegram where we provide a 100+ page 3.0 version textbook; with ongoing trade and news events breakdowns, and weekly market outlooks. We also host refresher and update seminars for our students as part of our commitment to lifetime learning.


Using a combination of fundamental and technical analysis, our team of 3 full- time traders provide high accuracy trades for all FX pairs, Commodities, and Indices with exact entry and exit points and live trade updates.

Asia-Pacific, London, and NY Session Coverage

Forex market is a 24/5 financial industry, and as such, we trade Sunday to Friday; Asia- Pacific, London and New York sessions providing our members with full coverage of the markets.

Full Chart Analysis & Defined Risk Management.

Every trade comes with suggested risk management parameters, full chart analysis, 24-7 telegram support, and live updates. Expect 5-50 profitable set ups a week, 3,000- 10,000 + pips per month, all sent via our private Telegram channel.

Monthly Performance

We strive to provide unparalleled trade alerts for our members. Check out our performance.

JOIN THE BEST TEAM TODAY! Price: 1000 USD (Monthly Fee)


Copy trading is one of the ways a Crypto/Forex trader, novice or otherwise, can earn from the world's largest financial market on autopilot. Beginners can profit from a copy trading platform without the need to study the market. You can take great advantage with the copy trading service if you’re very busy with work. The service works perfectly for busy people , beginners or anyone who doesn't want to take risks while trading personally.. The copy trading service we provide is different from all others. We take no fee. It’s basically forex There's no enrollment fee, no trading charge, no consulting fee. We make money only if you make money. We trade for you and get 20% of the profits. Only from profits. You never send us any money (except from profits that I make) All you need to do to become successful in copy trading is to work with a trade account that will be connected to our platform server in order to yield you profits on a daily basis. That means you need a live trading account and a start up deposit as well. With this two parameters out you can be able to start making weekly profits.